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Introducing Autel Alpha Drone

Autel Alpha drone is another major improvement of the Autel EVO MAX series of drones. The emergence of the Autel Alpha industrial drone has injected new vitality into the commercial drone market. Here, we will quickly explain the Autel Alpha drone.

Autel Alpha UAV drone is a multi-purpose industrial application drone that has made new breakthroughs in flight capabilities, image transmission capabilities, anti-interference capabilities, imaging capabilities, and load capacity.

The Autel Alpha industrial drone continues the EVO MAX 4T drone's Autonmy autonomous flight capabilities, anti-interference capabilities, A-Mesh networking capabilities, and thermal battery replacement systems. It supports multiple loads and third-party compatibility, and is a good choice for public safety and energy patrol. Provide more professional and comprehensive solutions in inspection, emergency management and other fields.

The top priority of the Autel Alpha drone is the newly added Autel L35T gimbal camera. Autel L35T gimbal camera integrates a 560x super hybrid zoom camera, dual thermal imaging cameras, super-sensitive starlight night vision camera, and laser rangefinder, and can be used in all-weather and multiple scenarios.

Autel Alpha Camera Autel L35T

The Autel Alpha L35T camera is modular and integrates multiple sensors into one, including a 48MP wide-angle camera, dual thermal imaging cameras, an 8MP zoom camera, and a laser rangefinder.

Autel Alpha L35T Camera

Zoom camera

8 million pixels 4K | 35x continuous optical zoom | 560x hybrid zoom | Support super-sensitive starlight night vision

Wide angle camera

48 million pixels | 1/2 inch CMOS | F/2.8 aperture | DFOV 84° | 24mm equivalent focal length

Laser rangefinder

10-2000 meters measurement range | ±(1 meter + D X0.15%) measurement accuracy, where D represents the distance from the vertical reflective surface

Dual thermal imaging cameras

640*512 resolution | 56x hybrid zoom | 13mm focal length wide-angle thermal imaging | 45mm focal length telephoto thermal imaging

Autel Alpha industrial drone functionality

The Autel Alpha drone adopts an IP55-rated foldable body design and built-in RTK dual antennas. It has a flight time of up to 40 minutes, a transmission distance of up to 20 kilometers, and a maximum speed of 20m/s. 3D programmable routes, search modes, multi-drone collaboration, and 3D maps can be executed in smart missions.

Autel Alpha Specifications

  • 20km range
  • 40 minutes of autonomy
  • IP55 protection level
  • GPS anti-jamming and anti-spoofing system
  • autonomous flight capability
  • Modular payment loading system
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Omnidirectional obstacle detection
  • Three frequency bands to choose from to further avoid interference 2.4/5.2/5.8 GHZ
  • Flight speed 72 km/h
  • Flight altitude 7000m

Autel Alpha Industrial Drone

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