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Introducing Autel Titan Drone

Autel Titan drone is Autel Robotics' first four-axis eight-propeller multi-rotor drone. It has strong anti-interference ability and carrying capacity, and provides effective help for drone transportation, emergency rescue and other scenarios.

The Autel Titan heavy-lift drone has a dual-battery design and can fly for up to 60 minutes under a standard load. For complex environments, it can achieve safe and efficient transportation of 10 kg load. Combined with IP55 protection level, it can effectively cope with harsh environments and emergencies.

Autel Titan heavy-lift Drone

The Autel Titan heavy-lift drone has a very powerful obstacle avoidance perception capability and integrates a binocular vision system and millimeter-wave radar to provide guarantee for long-distance drone transportation.

The Autel Titan heavy-lifting drone uses the same camera lens as the Autel Alpha industrial drone, the Autel L35T camera, which can provide dual thermal imaging, covering long and short distances and night operations, and can be used day and night all day long.

The Autel L35T camera is modular and integrates multiple sensors into one, including a 48MP wide-angle camera, dual thermal imaging cameras, an 8MP zoom starlight camera, and a laser rangefinder.

Autel Titan Drone Features

  • Data transmission range up to 20 kilometers
  • 56 minutes of autonomous flight per battery
  • IP55 environmental protection grade
  • Anti-RFI, EMI and GPS signal anti-interference system
  • Autonomous flight capability
  • Maximum payload: 11kg
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Omnidirectional obstacle detection system.
  • Maximum flight speed 72 km/h
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