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Autel MaxiPRO MP808 Kit Review, Differences Between MP808 & DS808, MP808K vs DS808K

When you check online you will find that there are some similar Diagnostic Scanners from Autel. MaxiPro MP808 vs MaxiDAS DS808, MaxiPro MP808K vs MaxiDAS DS808K. So what are the differences among them, let me show you details.

mp808 vs ds808 vs mp808k vs ds808k

Firstly, I have to say, Autel MP808 and Autel DS808 have the same functions, they are an upgraded version of Autel Maxicheck Pro + MaxiCOM MK808BT + Active Test / key Coding / Bi-directional Control, etc.

Autel MP808K is same as Autel DS808K. Comparing with MP808 and DS808, they come with a kit of OBD I Adapters. These connectors include Benz-14, Chrysler-16, BMW-20, Kia-20, Nissan-14, GM / Daewoo-12, Honda-3, VW / Audi-2+2, Mitsubishi / Hyundai-12+16, Benz-38, PSA-2, Fiat-3. With all these most common connectors you can expand your regular repairing work.

ds808k obd1 adapters

MP808K VS DS808K More Functions Details:

MP808K VS DS808K

MaxiPro MP808K & MaxiDAS DS808K Reviews

 mp808k & ds808k reviews

MP808K & DS808K are great tools to see what’s going on inside an engine. Their scan system come with a tablet and an OBD2 cable. The tablet has a large, clear screen, 32 GB of onboard storage, and a powerful processor that can easily read and interpret scan data.

The DS808 has full support for all vehicle electronics. It’ll work with fault codes, view live data, and even view manufacturer-specific engine sensor data. It can view what the ECU is doing and sensor output, too.

mp808k & ds808k service menu

Furthermore, the software of DS808 has plenty of extra features for professionals. You can easily view old data and manage customer information in Data Manger.

Diagnose fast and accurately
Easy to use
Extensive vehicle coverage
Powerful and special functions
Automatic software updates
Multilingual menu
Wireless connection

Needs to be charged
Limited one year of free updates
Do not support Bluetooth

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