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  • Airbag light turn on
    February 22, 2024

    The Best Airbag Reset Tool Under $300

    When the airbag light comes on on your car's dashboard, you know the airbag may be only partially working or not working at all. In order to help us correctly find the reason why the airbag light is on, the Obdprice store recommends the following value-for-money Airbag reset tools for you.
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  • Autel MK900TS
    February 5, 2024

    Autel MK900TS VS Autel TS900

    Autel MK900TS scanner vs Autel TS900 scanner is the leading TPMS programming tool scanner in 2024, better TPMS programming or better OBD2 diagnostics, Autel MK900TS vs Autel TS900 scanner, which one is better?
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  • Autel MX808S VS MK808S/MK808Z
    January 29, 2024

    Autel MX808S VS MK808S/MK808Z

    Autel diagnostic instruments serve thousands of car owners, DIY enthusiasts and car mechanics. Autel MX808S and MK808S/MK808Z are new generation upgraded scanners. Here we will explain the comparison: Autel MX808S vs MK808S/MK808Z.
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  • Autel DS808S-TS VS DS900-TS VS MS906Pro-TS
    January 23, 2024

    Autel DS808S-TS VS DS900-TS VS MS906Pro-TS

    Car TPMS service is crucial for drivers. Use the TPMS service tool diagnostic tester promptly to understand the status of your car's tires. Performing TPMS service and maintenance can improve driving safety.
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  • Autel DS900BT VS MS906BT VS MP808S
    January 23, 2024

    Autel DS900BT VS MS906BT VS MP808S

    Car diagnostic scanners are constantly being introduced, and more car owners are using OBD2 scanners to diagnose their cars. The emergence of Autel DS900BT scanner brings more functions and services. What do you want? Here, we will explain the upgrade and update of the Autel DS900BT scanner, and learn about Autel DS900BT vs Autel MS906BT vs Autel MP808S.
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  • Best OBD II Scanners for 2024
    January 17, 2024

    Best OBD II Scanners for 2024

    The vehicle OBD-II port allows OBD system readings to be taken via a computer or a dedicated scan tool to identify potential issues that may exist with your vehicle. There are also scanner software that connect to smartphones for a database of vehicle-specific repair and parts information, detected issues, and more.
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  • Autel TS900 Scanner Tools
    January 15, 2024

    Autel TS900 VS TS608 VS TS508WF

    Comparison of Autel's most representative TPMS tools, Autel TS900 VS TS608 VS TS508WF, let us have an in-depth understanding of the hardware and software differences between Autel TS900, Autel TS608, and Autel TS508WF scanners to better help you choose.
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  • Why You Need Autel Diagnostic Tools [2-Year Free Update]?
    January 11, 2024

    Why You Need Autel Diagnostic Tools [2-Year Free Update]?

    With its powerful functionality, flexible adaptability, user-friendly interface and wide vehicle coverage, Autel scanners are indispensable tools in modern vehicle maintenance work. To maintain the functionality of your vehicle scanner, you need to renew your subscription after the subscription period ends to ensure that your scanner has the latest features and performance.
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  • autel scanner tools mk808btpro tp screen replace
    December 26, 2023

    My Scanner Touch Screen Troubleshooting Guide

    The Autel scanner has strong hardware support. As a tablet computer, the touch screen is the most intuitive display for us to experience the scanner’s detection feedback on the vehicle system. And once the touch screen doesn't work, it's difficult for us to read vehicle faults through the scanner.
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