Refund Policy

You can apply for refund within 1 month since the date you received the goods. Detail rules as follows:

1. Full Refund

(a) Product quality issue

When the items you receive have quality problem, we will refund to you fully, including problem in the hardware, software or adapters.

(b) Wrong Item sent

If we a send wrong item to you, which is our responsibility to refund full item value and pay the extra fee for you.

After sending it back to us, please provide tracking number for us to trace the returned package and we can handle your refund.

(c) Item out of stock

Sometimes product of your order is out of stock, we will send email to check if you want to exchange to another one or you are willing to wait for it or prefer to get a refund. If you want to cancel the order, we will issue a full refund for you.

If you order several items from us, we will fulfill the available products and refund the unavailable one in full.

(d) Item not received

Sometime, you might not receive the parcel you bought from us because of it gets lost in transit for the post office reason, we will issue full refund or replacement.

Usually, we will provide tracking number and tracking link timely. If you don’t get item for a long time, please contact us timely. We will confirm with the couriers and get back to you ASAP. If product gets lost during transportation, we will arrange replacement for you and bear the shipping cost by ourselves. Or a full refund if you don't need the item anymore.

2. Partial Refund

(a) Change your Mind need to cancel order

Sometimes you bought something but change your mind later, please contact us before we ship the parcel, then we will issue a refund for you immediately. Full refund for PayPal payment. But if you paid by Credit or Debit card directly, please note that transaction fee will not be refunded. Thank you for your understanding and we recommend customers to use PayPal to pay for goods.

(b) Order wrong Item need to cancel order

If we still not sent out the item yet, full refund will be issued if you paid by PayPal. But partial refund for a credit / debit card payment directly, the transaction fee will not be refundable.

If you order a wrong product from our store and we have already shipped the parcel to you, please send the whole package back to us. We will refund your money partially (we will deduct the shipping cost, return handling fee or transaction fee by credit or debit card directly which is not paid through PayPal).

After sending item back to us, please provide a tracking number for us to trace the returned package and we can handle your refund as soon as possible. 

(c) High risk order need to be cancelled

Or our system detect your payment by credit / debit card is a high risk order, but you are not allow to / or can not provide your copies of ID card and Credit / Debit card to verify the order is authorized by the cardholder. I will make a partial refund for you, deduct the transaction fee which you paid by credit or debit card directly and it charged.

Before your purchase, we recommend you to use PayPal or Bank transfer to pay for products. If you pay by credit or debit card directly, it means you accept our refund policy. Thank you!

(d) Wrong shipping address cost item lost or return

Customer's invalid or wrong shipping address, wrong contact information cause carrier failed to deliver the parcel or deliver to a wrong address, refund can not be issued.

If the parcel can be returned to us, we can partial refund after deducting the shipping cost.

(f) Customer refuse to pay custom duty cause return / destroy

Sometimes, products shipped from Hong Kong warehouse and it needs customers to pay for the import duty in some of countries. We will contact you and confirm with you about the VAT issue before the shipment. Once you are agree and the parcel was shipped to your country's custom and you refuse to pay for the import duty and pick up the parcel cause a return or destroy. We will not refund the shipping cost or the money for this case.