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Autel MS908Pro Scanner Brush Hidden Function Turns on Fog Lights

Autel's powerful scanner can enable some functions that are disabled by car dealers. This may sound difficult, but Autel MS908Pro will give you some new experiences.

Note in advance: Autel scanner can only enable functions that were originally available in the car but were disabled by the car dealer. Assuming that the module does not exist in the car, then hiding the module in the car will not work and is meaningless.

How to activate 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 fog lights?

Car model and year: 2011 Dodge Ram 1500

Purpose: Light up the car's built-in fog lights.

Optional methods:

1. The switch is built into the headlight switch. This car must have "automatic" lights or at least "stop light" lights. When the switch is in one of these positions, push the switch down to turn it on. You should also see an indication in the dash that they are on. In the Durango, they are It's green and located in the upper left corner.

2. The car fog lights may be located in the BCM (Body Module) and then in another folder within it. You need to use the Autel MS908Pro scanner to activate the DLR to see if the fog lights are activated successfully.

The remote expert function of Autel scanner MS908Pro allows you to talk directly to Autel engineers or contact the Obdprice team if you have anything during operation.

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