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BT608 Car Battery Tester 2021 New Upgraded

One of the often overlooked aspects of vehicle maintenance is making sure your battery is in good working condition. Having your car’s battery unexpectedly die can really throw a wrench in your day. A car battery tester is a cost-efficient method to test your battery, making sure it’s in good shape before you hit the road.

To learn more about the AUTEL BT608 car battery testers.


Autel BT608 Highlights

  • Test 6- and 12-volt Batteries: 100 - 3000 CCA
  • Test 12- and 24-volt Cranking/Charging Systems
  • Test Flooded, AGM, AGM Spiral, EFB and GEL Batteries
  • Uses Adaptive Conductance Technology to Detect Battery Capacity, Reducing Misdiagnosis
  • Auto Battery Reset / Print Test Reports Via Built-in Thermal Printer
  • AutoScan and VinScan for Quick Vehicle Identification and Battery
  • Illustration Instruction Guides for Battery Positioning and Testing
  • Side and Top post adapters
  • Android 9.0, 5.5-inch Touchscreen
  • Read and Erase Error Codes
  • Includes Bluetooth VCI, Clamp Cables, Four Battery Side Post
  • Terminals (types S & T) and Thermal Paper Roll
  • Wireless Tablet Tool / 1.5 GhZ Quad-Core processor, 32GB memory, 2GB RAM and 6-Hour Battery Life
  • Wi-Fi Software Updates

  • Three highlights of the function Reduce Battery Misdiagnosis , Diagnose Low Capacity Batteries, Reduce Charge & Retest for Discharged Batteries.

    Comparison between BT608 & BT508 & BT506

    Autel Battery Tester

    The BT608 is a comprehensive battery and electrical system diagnostics tool featuring Adaptive Conductance technology to identify low-capacity batteries and thereby reduce battery misdiagnosis.

    The Android-based, Wi-Fi touchscreen tablet tool displays a quick battery health status, enables an automatic battery registration and features advanced AutoVIN and ScanVIN functionality for quick vehicle identification and battery specifications. Tool features shop manager application and a built-in thermal printer.

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