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Discover the Next Generation Autel TS508WF Wifi TPMS Reset Tool

How to improve the safety and maintenance of modern automobile tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS)? With the TPMS reset tool Autel TS508WF, here we will delve into the features, functions and benefits of the Autel TS508WF to help you understand this exciting new product.

Comprehensive upgrade and enhanced functions

Autel TS508WF TPMS Service Tool

The Autel TS508WF maxi tpms scanner is the latest upgrade to the Autel TS501 and TS408, combining the best of both models with extensive improvements. It has powerful signal processing capabilities and supports 315MHz and 433MHz TPMS sensor frequencies, ensuring wider coverage for a wider range of vehicle models. No matter your vehicle's sensor frequency, the Autel TS508WF can handle it with ease.

The Autel TS508WF is also Autel's first non-tablet tool to offer Wi-Fi software updates. It has quick and advanced modes of TPMS service and TPMS status screen.

One-click activation, comprehensive reset

With the Autel TS508WF, tire sensor activation and reset is a breeze. The tool comes with a user-friendly interface and intuitive operation process. In just a few simple steps you can activate, reset and relearn all your sensors. This eliminates tedious manual operations and significantly improves work efficiency.

Real-time data display, instant insights

Autel TS508WF can not only reset the TPMS system, but also display sensor data in real time. This includes information such as the pressure and temperature of each tire, allowing you to monitor the condition of your vehicle's tires at any time. Early detection of potential problems allows you to take the necessary steps to ensure safe driving.

Clear TPMS fault codes and diagnose accurately

If a TPMS system fails, the Autel TS508WF can help diagnose the problem and clear associated fault codes. This helps you better understand the nature of the problem and make targeted repairs, avoiding unnecessary guesswork and losses.

Humanized operation, suitable for professionals and DIY enthusiasts

The Autel TS508WF is extremely simple to operate, making it suitable for both professional automotive technicians and everyday car owners. The clear interface, detailed operating instructions, and quick operating procedures make it an ideal choice for professional repair shops and personal garages.

Autel TS508WF user manual download link

In order to better understand how to operate the Autel TS508WF TPMS reset tool correctly, you can click the following link to download → Autel TS508WF User Manual



Autel TS508WF User Manual (PDF)


Autel TS508WF Quick Guide (PDF)


Autel TS508WF customer reviews

Customer reviews:Autel TS508WF sale on Amazon

Easy TPMS scan and update tool

I used this to fix my sons newly purchased 2011 Hyundai Sonata . Two weeks after he purchased it tire fault showed up. Tire shop wanted $117.00 to check it out because all tires were at correct air pressure. The Autel TS508 found the wheel sensor that had failed. Battery was dead. I changed the wheel sensor with Autel MX-Sensor 2 in 1, cleared the fault codes and then read the new sensor id data. I then uploaded the info the the car ECM and drove the car around the block and the TPMS and Low Pressure indication was gone. Worked like a champ. Two weeks later second tire showed up in fault. Walked around car once and the TS508 showed the bad sensor on another wheel. I would definitely recommend this for a doing it yourself person. It has paid for itself in two uses already. The neighbors have asked me to scan their tires and have not had any issues reading Honda and Subaru.

Customer reviews:Autel TS508WF sale on Ebay

 Works. Saves money and trouble.

I bought this unit because I have three Toyota/Lexus vehicles with tire pressure warning lights on. So that's 15 sensors. New, genuine Toyota sensors are down to $10 each on eBay so I bought some. Went to two tire stores to order new tires, both said they couldn't use those OEM ours instead get the picture, more $$ for them, can't blame them.. So I figured this unit would pay for itself (if it worked) and it does work, great. The software isn't perfect but if you take your time, download the manual and read it, you'll get there. I had to school up on this sensor stuff and here's the short version. There are two ways to go with the sensors. You either program the car to match the sensors or program the sensors to match the car. The Autel unit can do both, mostly. I found it couldn't reprogram my new OEM sensors to match the car (Lexus) so I used the OBD re-learn procedure in the Autel unit to teach the car the new OEM sensor IDs after they were installed and that worked great - easy and fast. So I'm very happy with the unit. I recommend the OEM sensors vs. the Autel MX type - they're cheaper and the old ones lasted a very long time for me. Pic shows screen reading out what's in the car computer..

Autel TS508WF sales on ebay

Customer Reviews: Autel MaxiTPMS TS508WF sales on obdprice

Autel MaxiTPMS TS508WF Advanced TPMS Service Tool With Wi-Fi Updates, Program MX-Sersors 315/433MHz, Relearn/Activate All Sensors

 Autel MaxiTPMS TS508WF Advanced TPMS Service Tool With Wi-Fi Updates, Program MX-Sersors 315/433MHz, Relearn/Activate All Sensors

The TS508WF is a TPMS service tool. It is Autel’s first non-tablet tool providing Wi-Fi software updates. It features Quick and Advance modes of TPMS service and a TPMS status screen. It can read/activate/relearn all known sensors, has 4 methods of MX-Sensor programming, and performs placard value resets on supported vehicles. The TS508WF displays on-tool MX-Sensor relearn procedures including OBDII and can do key fob signal tests.
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