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Vehicle Scanner with Camera For Scan VIN & Scan License

Vehicle scanners can help users obtain vehicle information and implement multiple functions such as vehicle management, damage detection, safety inspection, fault diagnosis, and data collection. In order to retrieve vehicle information more quickly, a vehicle scanner with a camera will be able to identify the car's VIN code and license plate directly through the camera, saving time in the car maintenance process.

The car's VIN recognition and car license plate recognition will be converted into text through the vehicle scanner with a camera using OCR technology. Compared with the traditional manual input of VIN by the OBD2 scanner or the communication with the car's OBD2 interface to perform the automatic VIN function, both To be more convenient and faster.

Autel Vehicle Scanner with Camera Comparison Chart

Front  Rear
MX900 - 8MP
MK900 - 8MP
MK900BT - 8MP
MX900TS - 8MP
MK900TS - 8MP
MP900/MP900E - 8MP
MP900TS - 8MP
MP900BT/MP900Z-BT - 8MP
MS906 - 8MP
MS906S - 8MP
MS906TS - 8MP
MS906BT - 8MP
MK906BT - 8MP
MS906 Pro 5MP 16MP
MS906 Pro-TS 5MP 16MP
MK906 Pro/MK906S Pro 16MP 16MP
MK906 Pro-TS/MK906S Pro-TS 16MP 16MP
MS908 - 8MP
MS908 Pro - 8MP
MS908S - 8MP
MS908S Pro - 8MP
MS908S II - 16MP
MS908S Pro II - 16MP
MK908 - 8MP
MK908P - 8MP
MK908 II - 16MP
MK908 Pro II - 16MP
Elite 2MP 8MP
Elite II 5MP 16MP
Elite II Pro - 16MP
MS909 5MP 16MP
MS919 5MP 16MP
Ultra 5MP 16MP
Ultra Lite/Ultra Lite S 5MP 16MP

Note: Autel scanners not listed in this table mean that the scanner does not have a camera accessory and cannot perform the Scan VIN & Scan License function.

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