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What is Autel IP Restriction Lock?

Purchasing an Autel scanner is the right choice for all vehicle repairers and DIY enthusiasts, but when your Autel scanner prompts that the current IP is locked and I cannot use it, what should I do?

First, IP restrictions are present in almost every Autel scanner tablet tool, handheld code readers have no IP restrictions.

The IP restriction of Autel scanner is to determine the region where the scanner is located after the scanner is connected to the Internet, and restrict the use of scanners of different models and versions in the same country and region. For example, the US version of Autel Ultra can only be used in the United States.

IP restriction types for Autel scanners

  1. Unlimited, available in global regions
    • Online Exclusive
    • Regional dealer exclusive
  2. limited, be used in corresponding countries and regions.
    • Unlimited online purchases, offline dealer restrictions
    • Not sold online, only available at offline dealers
    • Online purchases need to be purchased from the Autel factory. Purchases from other channels belong to the same level as offline dealers and have IP restrictions.

Please note: Autel scanner IP restrictions cannot be lifted. Scanners purchased with IP restrictions will remain locked if not used in the corresponding country.


Does Autel IP restricted scanner have anything to do with the scanner version?

In fact, most Autel scanners purchased online do not have IP restrictions and can be used directly, and have nothing to do with the US version of the scanner or the EU version of the scanner.

Is performance consistent between Autel scanner versions?

The differences between Autel scanner versions are the voltage of the country and the language, but the functional characteristics of the scanner remain the same.

Can I take a scanner with IP restrictions to other countries?

Please use scanning with IP restrictions in the corresponding region. For example, Autel Ultra has IP restrictions, please do not take it outside the United States for use. Obdprice store provides Autel Ultra US standard and Autel Ultra global version. If you are troubled by Autel IP restrictions, please buy Autel Ultra global version.

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