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What is Autel TCP for Software Updates?

What is Autel TCP?

Autel Total Care is an extended warranty program that not only reduces out-of-pocket equipment repair costs and shop downtime, but also adds the latest software updates for maximum vehicle coverage.

Can you use Autel without subscription?

An active Autel subscription means you have access to the scanner's full service for more vehicle scan diagnostics. When the scanner software expires without renewing the software service, you can still use your scanner normally, but the availability for vehicle coverage, vehicle fault scanning, and diagnostic checks will be greatly reduced.

Four Ways to Renew Your Software Subscription for Autel Scanners

  • Purchase a TCP card from your authorized AUTEL dealer or retailer and enter the number on the back.
  • Buy directly on your Scanner Tools
  • Visit and log in with your Autel ID. Click the Outdated Software link to determine which of your tools require a software update.
  • Chat with an AUTEL Customer Support Specialist

Can I buy software update service on Obdprice store?

Yes, of course, purchase a software update subscription service for the corresponding scanner in the Obdprice store without shipping. Send us the scanner SN number and the order number of the purchased software update after purchase, we will contact Autel support to add valid 1-year free update for you.

How do we process your update service

Why buy update service from us?

We are Autel Authorized Dealer, we offer better price than others.

Product Model Our Update Price Market Update Price
Maxisys Ultra 1,199 1695 Shop Now
MS919 990 1295 Shop Now
MS909 969 1295 Shop Now
Maxisys Elite 906.5 1295 Shop Now
Maxisys CV 969 1,295 Shop Now
MK908P 795 1295 Shop Now
MK908 626 895 Shop Now
MS908P/ MS908S Pro 795 1295 Shop Now
MS908/ MS908S 650 895 Shop Now
MS906TS 640 795 Shop Now
MK906BT 490 695 Shop Now
MS906BT 490 695 Shop Now
MS906 395 495 Shop Now
Maxisys Mini MS905 530 695 Shop Now
DS808TS 450 599.5 Shop Now
MP808TS 470 599.5 Shop Now
DS808/ DS808K 290 349.5 Shop Now
MP808/ MP808K 290 349.5 Shop Now
DS708 649 349.5 Shop Now
MK808TS 210 295 Shop Now
MK808BT 110 150 Shop Now
MK808 100 124.5 Shop Now
MX808TS 210 295 Shop Now
MX808 80 124.5 Shop Now
IM608/IM600 600 895 Shop Now
IM508/IM100 245 349.5 Shop Now
TS608 206 295 Shop Now

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