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Autel EVO Lite Series Introduction

The EVO Lite series is Autel Robotics' best consumer drone, outperforming other camera drones in terms of drone camera lenses, while also boasting excellent flight time.

The EVO Lite series is the ultimate portable drone. The Lite series has a flight time of 40 minutes, a signal range of 7.4 miles, and foldable wings made from carbon fiber arms that are lightweight and strong.

The Autel EVO Lite series also has two drones, EVO Lite and EVO Lite+. The two drones support high-definition photography and recording, and have a body weight of 835g. The biggest difference between the two drones is the difference in the camera lens of the drone.

The EVO Lite's camera is capable of recording in 4K and has a 1/1.28" CMOS sensor with a RYYB filter to absorb maximum light. With a 1-inch sensor, F/2.8-F/11 adjustable aperture, support for 20MP photos and 6K/30fps video recording, the Lite+ is truly a leading camera drone.

EVO Lite+ can also be used as the best nighttime aerial photography drone. The blessing of the moonlight algorithm makes the images at night clearly visible.

The Lite series needs to be used together with the Autel Sky App. Drone photographers can create wonderful drone shots or complete the shooting with the help of the built-in movie flight mode of the app.

The Lite series supports three-way obstacle avoidance, and the front obstacle avoidance sensor can sense a wide range of 150°, so the driver can fly your drone with confidence.

The 40-minute flight time of the Lite series is enough for aerial photographers to conceive and frame the best shots. The EVO Lite series has three body colors, has an intelligent return-to-home system, and can perform Dynamic Tracking 2.1 functions.

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