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Autel EVO MAX 4T Drone App: Autel Enterprise APP

Autel Enterprise APP is a new drone remote control app for Autel EVO MAX 4T. It has a new interface design, simple and fast operation, and can quickly take off the drone and start the drone to automatically perform tasks.

The Autel Enterprise APP currently needs to be used together with the Autel Smart Controller V3. The Autel Enterprise App currently only supports the EVO MAX series of drone applications, and the support for subsequent models still needs to wait for the firmware update.

Autel Enterprise App

The additional functionality of the Autel Enterprise APP and the semi-autonomous mode maximize the mission readiness and capabilities of the EVO Max 4T. Expanded the ability of EVO MAX 4T to perform flight tasks in the Autel Enterprise App.

EVO MAX 4T will execute 3D Map Planning, Mission Reproduction, Quick Mission, Waypoint Missions, Rectangular Mission, Automatic Mission (Generation And Data Capture*), Terrain Follo, Corridor Mission, Polygon Mission, Vertical Scan along with the firmware update.

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