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Does Autel Support OBD1?

As the leader in the automotive diagnostic scanner market, Autel Scanner has a variety of scanners that support a variety of vehicle types and vehicles of all years. Currently, OBD2 vehicles have become mainstream vehicles. So, does Autel support OBD1 vehicles?

Before knowing whether Autel supports OBD1 vehicles, you need to fully understand Autel scanners, OBD1 vehicles, and OBD2 vehicles.

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OBD1 vehicles vs OBD2 vehicles

OBD1 (On-Board Diagnostics 1) vehicles and OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics 2) vehicles refer to the differences in diagnostic systems of cars produced in different periods.

OBD2 vehicles appeared after 1996. There are new unified standards for diagnostic interfaces, fault codes and data output. The OBD2 protocol also provides better working tools and experience for car owners and technicians.

What is an OBD1 scanner?

OBD1 is a set of self-testing and diagnostic instructions programmed into the vehicle's onboard computer. It can be seen that the OBD1 scanner can only be used on OBD1 vehicles.

The more powerful OBD2 scanner can also use the OBD1 adapter cable to scan and diagnose OBD1 vehicles.

Can I use an OBD2 scanner on an OBD1 port?

In order to connect the OBD2 scanner to diagnose the OBD1 vehicles, the tools for adapting the different connectors to the standard OBD2 interface would be necessary, and then loaded with the proper software, the scanner can read the different sets of OBD1 data and protocols for the vehicles.

Where is the OBD1 diagnostic port located on my vehicle?

The location of the OBD1 diagnostic port varies by vehicle, but is usually located under the dashboard, near the steering column, or in the engine compartment.

Are OBD1 code readers and scanners universal?

OBD1 code readers are not universal but are specific to the vehicle make and model. Autel ML619/ML629 scanners are compatible with a wide range of OBD1 vehicles. It's worth noting, however, that OBD1 systems vary based on manufacturer and model year, so compatibility isn't universal.

Which Autel scanners support OBD1 vehicles?

Autel Handheld OBD2 Code Reader: Autel ML619/ ML629 / MD806 Pro

Autel Tablet OBD2 Professional Scanner: Elite/MS906S Pro/MK808TS


Autel scanners certainly support OBD1, but only on some scanner models! To find out if your vehicle is compatible with the scanner, please contact us by email

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