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Autel AutoLink AL629 Diagnostic Scan Tool for Audi

Vehicle performance will become worn and aged with increased use. You never know what is the reason for the next warning light on the car? If you have a car scanner, everything will be much easier.

The Autel AutoLink AL629 Diagnostic Scan Tool (also known as OBD 2 Reader) is a simple and practical tool that can provide basic OBD2 diagnostics for vehicles that support the OBD2 interface, even advanced BMW, Audi and other vehicles.

Autel AutoLink AL629 Diagnostic Scan Tool for Audi

The Autel AutoLink AL629 Diagnostic Scan Tool has a rugged housing and a comfortable feel, uses an OBD II cable to connect to the car, has a built-in color screen, and is capable of reading all manufacturer-specific codes.

During the Autel AL629 code reader's work for Audi, it provided codes for each affected component, helping to pinpoint the problem exactly. For example, N75 valve, vacuum connection is loose.

Autel AutoLink AL629 Diagnostic Scan Tool for Audi

Experienced auto mechanics can easily read fault codes, and novice auto repairers can look up the meaning of these codes online to identify and solve problems.

The AL629 provides real-time readings from many sensors, which can help keep an eye on things and help narrow down the problem. AL629 code reader for Audi will also show whether the emission preparation status is set during the scanning process. For operations that have been performed, it will display the text in blue so that you know what needs to be checked next, such as from the ECU to the body. control module, then to the ABS/SRS system.

The Autel AutoLink AL629 diagnostic scan tool is effective for diagnostic scanning for Audi, but it does not have full access to all systems for diagnostic operations. For dealer-level operations, you will need to look for a more powerful scanner tool.

Autel AutoLink AL629 Diagnostic Scan Tool for Audi

The Autel AL629 code reader is fast, easy and portable to use, maintains lifetime updates, and is capable of recording and playback of all sensor data from the ECU, making it ideal for anyone who wants to read and clear all codes, understand emissions readiness, check signal readings, and initially troubleshoot a car For those who have problems, the Autel AutoLink AL629 is hard to beat.

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