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Autel BI-Directional Scan Tool Comprehensive Introduction

Are you fully aware of and utilizing the capabilities of your scanning tools? BI-Directional Scan Tool has a huge impact on the precision and accuracy of work at home or in a professional garage, one of the great features of the Enhanced Scan Tool is bidirectional control, not just retrieving fault codes and viewing parameter data.

What is a bi directional scan tool?

Bidirectional control is a general term used to describe sending and receiving information between one device and another. The vehicle engineers responsible for designing the computer control system programmed it so that the scanning tool could request information or command the modules to perform specific tests and functions.

Some manufacturers refer to bidirectional control as active testing, actuator testing, inspection testing, system testing, etc. Reinitialization and reprogramming can also be included in the bidirectional control list.

It follows that the scanning tool is also a two-way tool, which can be used to send information to the vehicle control module and receive information from the vehicle control module. Most enhanced scan tools are also capable of driving relays, injectors and coils, performing system tests, and more.

Which Autel scanner is bi-directional?

Most of Autel's davanced scanners are bi-directional, which include:

  • Autel MaxiPro Series MP808, MP808TS, MP808BT Pro, MP808S Kit.
  • MK808, MK80TS, MK808BT, MK808BT Pro, MK906, MK906-TS, MK908II, Ultra Lite S, MK906S Pro of Autel MaxiCOM series.
  • Autel MaxiSys series MS906, MS906 Pro, MS919, MS909, MS908CV, MS908CV, Ultra, Ultra EV, Elite, Elite II, Elite II Pro.
  • Autel MaxiIM series IM608, IM608 Pro, IM508S, IM608S II.
  • MX808, MX808S, MX808S-TS of the Autel MaxiCheck series.
  • DS808S, DS808S-BT of Autel MaxiDAS series.
  • The list will change as new products become available.

It can be seen from the above that Autel bi-directional scanning tools or active test scanning tools are basically tablet tools, and bi-directional/active test functions are almost invisible in handheld products.

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