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Autel XP400 Pro Key Programming Accessories Review

The Autel XP400 Pro is a powerful chip and key programmer specifically designed for use with the Autel MaxiIM IM608/IM508. Autel XP400 Pro supports reading/writing vehicle transponder chip data, including Mercedes-Benz infrared keys, generating vehicle-specific keys and dealer keys; reading ECU data, including EEPROM and MCU; and reading/writing vehicle key and remote control data.

Autel XP400 Pro Key Programmer Design Instructions

1. DC port - provides 12V DC power supply.

2. USB port – Provides data communications and 5V DC power.

3. DB 26-Pin port – Connect to Mercedes-Benz infrared, car key cable, ECU cable, MCU cable, MC9S12 cable.

4. Crossover signal pins – secure MCU board, MCU spare cable or DIY signal interface.

5. IC card sensing area

6. Car key slot – holds car keys.

7. Transponder slot – holds the transponder.

8. Remote transponder sensing area Figure 2-5 XP400 View 11

9. Mercedes Infrared Key Slot – Holds the Mercedes Infrared Key.

10. Status LED – Indicates current operating status.

11. Locker – Locks the EEPROM component transponder slot to ensure proper operation.

12. EEPROM component transponder slot – accommodates an EEPROM plug-in transponder or EEPROM slot.

XP400 Pro详细说明

Autel XP400 Pro Key and Chip Programmer Functions

(1) Read transponder data (including Mercedes Benz infrared smart

key), and generate exclusive keys.

(2) Read/write on-board EEPROM chip data, and read/write

MCU/ECU chip data.

(3) Read/write remote control transponder data and detect key


(4) Compatible with the key programming diagnostic tablet or a computer with installed key programming software, the XP400 Pro can read/write transponder data quickly and accurately.

XP400Pro key and chip programmer is usually combined with IMKPA key programming adapter kit, contains 12 adapters, can read/write/erase Mercedes-Benz ESL_W209/W906 data, Mercedes-Benz NEC key learning, BMW EWS3 key learning and Volkswagen/Audi/BMW/Mercedes-Benz key unlocking.

Autel IM608 and IM508 and above key programming tool diagnostic scanners are usually configured with XP200 key and chip programmer, which has stronger coverage capabilities in vehicle range and key learning.

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