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G-BOX Function Upgrade - BMW Reads and Writes ISN Code Without Opening the Hood

Good news! Autel Gbox has been upgraded to G-box2. And the main upgraded part is Gbox2 supports BMW read and write ISN Code in a Bench mode.autel gbox2

GBOX2 Added Bench Mode to read ISN code:

  • Supported ECU types: MEV17.2.1, ME17.2.1, EDC17CP09, EDC17CP02, MED17.2, MEV17.2, EDC17C76, MSD81, MSD80

GBOX2 Added Bench Mode to write ISN code:

  • Supported ECU types : EDC17C41, EDC17C50, EDC17C56, EDC17C76, EDC17CP45, EDC17CP49, MEVD17.2, MEVD17.2.3, MEVD17.2.4, MEVD17.2.5, MEVD17.2.6, MEVD17.2.8, MEVD17.2.9, MEVD17.2.G, MEVD17.2. H, MEVD17.2.K, MEVD17.2.P, MEVD17.8.4

GBOX2 Added Bench Mode to read Password:

  • Supported ECU types : EDC17C41, EDC17C50, EDC17C56, EDC17C76, EDC17CP45, EDC17CP49, MEVD17.2.3, MEVD17.2.4, MEVD17.2.5, MEVD17.26., MEVD17.2.8, MEVD17.2.9, MEVD17.2.G, MEVD17.2.H, MEVD .2.K, MEVD17.2.P
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