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What is The DoIP/Can FD Protocol for OBD Diagnostic Scanners?

Modern vehicles are becoming more and more informatized and intelligent, and on-board diagnostic scanners used for vehicle maintenance are also constantly being upgraded and service agreements updated. Here, we will explain the DO IP protocol of Autel scanners.

What is DoIP protocol?

Diagnostics over Internet Protocol (DoIP) opens up a new paradigm for ECU diagnostics that operates over Ethernet, a faster and more reliable communication channel.

The DoIP protocol is a network protocol based on the TCP/IP protocol that allows vehicle diagnostic data to be transmitted over the network. The DoIP protocol encapsulates diagnostic data in TCP/IP packets and uses the UDP protocol for transmission. It also defines a set of standard diagnostic services, such as reading fault codes, clearing fault codes, reading real-time data, etc.

DoIP protocol

What is Can FD Protocol?

The CAN FD protocol for on-board diagnostic scanners is a high-speed, flexible data transmission protocol that can provide higher data transmission rates and larger data loads than traditional CAN protocols.

In onboard diagnostic scanners, the CAN FD protocol is typically used to communicate with the vehicle's electronic control unit (ECU). The scanner sends commands and request data to the ECU through the CAN FD protocol to diagnose vehicle faults and problems. The ECU will respond to the scanner's request and return relevant data to the scanner for further analysis and diagnosis.

The difference between Can Protocol and Can FD Protocol

The CAN protocol (including CAN FD) is one of the most common automotive network protocols, and almost all modern cars use the CAN bus as their internal communication network. The CAN protocol can be used for communication between the diagnostic scanner and the vehicle's ECU.

Why do we need DoIP/Can FD Protocol?

These protocols are commonly used in modern vehicles, whether they are passenger cars, commercial vehicles or other types of vehicles. Many electronic control units (ECUs) are used in modern cars to manage and control various systems of the vehicle, such as engine control units, braking system control units, air conditioning system control units, etc.

In the field of automotive diagnosis, DoIP/Can FD Protocol is mainly used to communicate with the vehicle's ECU for fault diagnosis, performance analysis, programming and configuration.

Among the latest Autel scanners in 2023, such as MP900 series, MK900 series, and MX900 series, all have been updated to add DoIP/Can FD Protocol. This shows that the electronic systems of modern automobile vehicles are more sophisticated, and vehicle scanners should also be updated simultaneously to provide higher Flexibility and scalability to handle vehicle issues.

Autel diagnostic scanner supports DoIP/Can FD Protocol instruction sheet

 DoIP/Can FD Protocol


MK900 Yes
MK900BT Yes
MX900TS Yes
MK900TS Yes
MP900/MP900E Yes
MP900TS Yes
MP900BT/MP900Z-BT Yes
MS906 Pro Yes
MS906 Pro-TS Yes
MK906 pro/MK906S pro Yes
MK906 pro-TS/MK906S pro-TS Yes
Elite II Pro Yes
MS909 Yes
MS919 Yes
Ultra Yes
Ultra Lite/Ultra Lite S Yes
Note: If VCI does not support CAN FD, you can add a CAN FD adapter.
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