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Autel EVO II Enterprise Series Introduction

The EVO II Enterprise series is the best player for Autel Robotics commercial drones. Autel Enterprise drones have replaceable payloads, which can be equipped with Loudspeaker, strobe spotlight, and optional RTK modules to achieve a variety of tasks and complete aerial deploy the solution.

The EVO II Enterprise series includes two drones, EVO II Pro Enterprise and EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise. These two drones support high-definition photography and recording, carbon fiber folding arms, flight for 42 minutes, image transmission 13 kilometers, and built-in ADS-B receiver , equipped with a 7.9-inch Autel smart remote control.

Autel EVO II Enterprise

Featuring a foldable design that deploys in seconds and easy-to-use controls with one hand, the EVO II Enterprise ensures increased efficiency without added stress. The EVO II series drones discussed in this article refer to the V2 version, excluding EVO II V3.

Due to the differences in the camera gimbals of drones, the two drones are used in different application scenarios. Optimize your workflow with our state-of-the-art EVO II enterprise drone, with new accessories and camera capabilities to meet the needs of every industry from firefighting to construction.

EVO II Pro/Dual 640T Enterprise

The prototype of EVO II Pro Enterprise is Autel EVO II Pro, therefore, EVO II Pro Enterprise supports three-axis gimbal stabilization, equipped with 1-inch sensor, f/F2.8-f/F11 adjustable aperture, maximum still photo 20MP, shooting 6k/F30fps and 4k/F60fps clear and smooth drone aerial video.

6K Ultra HD Camera Drone EVO II Pro

The prototype of EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise is Autel EVO II Dual 640T, therefore, EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise visible light camera supports 8k photography, 1/2 inch sensor, F/1.9 fixed aperture, maximum still photo 48MP. Thermal imager supports 640 *512 resolution size, refresh thermal image at 30fps per second, support 10 color modes, and view thermal image in picture-in-picture mode.

Autel Robotics EVO II DUAL 640T Rugged Bundle V2 Right

EVO II Pro/Dual 640T Enterprise can maintain a maximum flight time of 42 minutes. With the Autel smart remote control, it can support a video transmission distance of 13KM, a maximum flight speed of 45mph, a maximum take-off altitude of 7km, and a built-in 8GB storage space. The EVO II enterprise drone can create intelligent flight paths, and Dynamic Tracking 2.0 technology supports simultaneous identification of up to 64 objects and intelligent tracking. The EVO II enterprise drone has built-in 19 sophisticated sensors, which can enable 360° obstacle avoidance.

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