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Introduction of Autel Robotics Care

Autel Robotics considerately prepares Autel Robotics Care service for each drone, pilots can fly with confidence. Purchase Autel Robotics Care service, Autel drone can reduce the damage and obtain compensation in the first time after an accident.

Autel Robotics Care is mainly aimed at damage to the aircraft caused by normal use or user accidents. Whether accidental damage to your aircraft, gimbal or camera, Autel Robotics Care will provide you with up to two complete replacement aircraft.

Autel Robotics Care Service vs Autel Robotics Warranty Policy

Different from the warranty policy of Autel Robotics, during the warranty period, a new machine replacement service is provided for product problems caused by product quality defects. The Autel Robotics Care service can provide replacement for damaged aircraft and new aircraft for flight loss replacement.

Prerequisites for purchasing Autel Robotics Care

*Please make sure your aircraft meets the following conditions before purchasing Autel Robotics Care: The new aircraft has not been activated; the aircraft has been activated within 48 hours.

Autel Robotics Care service supports models

Autel Consumer Drones: EVO Nano, EVO Nano+, EVO Lite, EVO Lite+.

Autel Enterprise Drones: EVO II Pro, EVO II Pro RTK, EVO II Pro Enterprise, EVO II Dual 640T, EVO II Dual 640T RTK, EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise.

Autel Robotics Care Service Types

Autel Robotics Care service types are available in multiple versions based on different years, and Autel Care charges are also inconsistent. If necessary, please contact us.

Autel Care Standard

Autel Care Standard(1st year)
Autel Care Standard (2nd year)
Autel Care Standard (2-year version)

Autel Care Premium

Autel Care Premium(1st year)
Autel Care Premium (2nd year)
Autel Care Premium (2-year version)
Autel Care Premium (3-year version)

Autel Care usage process

Autel Care Usage Process

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