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Autel MaxiSys Elite II Pro vs Autel MaxiSys Ultra

In this article, we’ll compare two of Autel’s most popular and useful professional diagnostic scanners: the Autel Maxisys Elite II Pro and the Autel Maxisys Ultra. These two scanners can perform diagnostic services on multiple vehicles in the Autel Maxisys series, with comprehensive coverage and support for multiple functions. You can learn more about the similarities and differences between Autel Maxisys Elite II Pro and Autel Maxisys Ultra.

MaxiSYS Elite II Pro

Autel Maxisys Elite II Pro Automotive Diagnostic Tool Bi-Directional Scanner With MaxiFlash VCI

MaxiSYS Ultra

autel maxisys ultra
All Systems DTC Scan
Service Function
Bi-Directional   Control
Auto VIN Technology
ECU Coding
ECU Programming
Report Management
Data Manager
Shop Manager
Remote Support
Print Feature
Multi-language   Support
Repair Assist
Technical Service Bulletins
Display Size 9.7" 12.9"
Wireless VCI MaxiFlash VCI 5 in 1 MaxiFlash VCMI
Battery   Life 11000 mAh 18000 mAh
Camera 16MP Rear/5MP Front 16MP Rear/5MP Front
Memory   Storage 128GB 256GB
Operating   System Android 10  Android 7.0
TPMS -- --
Inspection   Camera
ADAS -- --
software updates 2-year 1-year

Autel MaxiSys Elite II Pro vs Autel MaxiSys Ultra

Although MaxiSys Ultra and MaxiSys Elite II Pro appear to support similar features and service protocols, the Ultra scanner is configured with VCMI (five-in-one), which represents VCI, oscilloscope, waveform generator, multimeter, and CAN bus.

Autel Ultra scanner also supports OE-level topology module tree, multi-view multi-tasking, and DTC-based intelligent diagnosis to quickly find the crux of the vehicle.

With OE-level all-system diagnostics and analysis, advanced ECU programming, bi-directional control, and more, the Autel Ultra Elite II Pro scanner is priced and features make it a great scanner tool for repairmen.

Autel Maxisys Ultra 2023 Top Intelligent Diagnostic Tool with 5-in-1 VCMI, Topology Map, 40+ Services, ECU Programming & Coding (Upgraded Ver. of MS919/ MS909/ Elite II)

  • NO IP Limitation
  • Unprecedented Intelligent Diagnostics
  • Exceptional OE-Level functionality
  • 99% & Newer Vehicle Coverage
  • Split-screen multi-application work
  • Advanced 5-in-1 VCMI
  • Top Hardware
  • 1-Year Free Software Update

【2-Year Free Update】 Autel Maxisys Elite II Pro Automotive Diagnostic Tool Bi-Directional Scanner With MaxiFlash VCI, 36+ Services

  • Most extensive complete system coverage
  • Exceptional OE-Level functionality
  • Uniquely integrated vehicle programming
  • Automatic system and software updates
  • One-stop multitasking
  • Interactive Data Logging sessions
  • 2-Year Free Software Updates
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