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Troubleshooting Solutions for Autel Scanner Not Turning On

When our scanner tool suddenly fails to turn on, it can be confusing and anxious. However, no need to worry! This article will introduce you to some common OBD2 scanner failure to power on problems, and provide corresponding troubleshooting methods and solutions to help you restart the Autel scanner and resume normal use.

Under what circumstances does your Autel scanner fail to turn on?

1. I couldn’t turn on the phone after I received it.

2. I have used it for a while and it cannot be turned on during the subscription period.

3. I haven’t used it for a long time and the subscription period has expired.

What causes my Autel scanner to not turn on?

The reasons why the Autel scanner cannot be turned on may be due to: battery problems, software problems and system problems.

Battery issues may be caused by the scanner tool being out of power or having a charging failure that prevents it from turning on. Connect the charger and see if the power light is on. When the power light is on, you can charge it for one hour before turning it on. If there is no response after turning on the phone, report it for repair.

The software problem may be caused by a software crash. Force restarting the OBD2 scanner tool and it may fix the software crash problem.

The system problem may be that the system version is not suitable. New updates or no updates for a long time may cause the scanner to start up. Choose to clear the cache or restore factory settings to solve the problem.

How do I report a power-on failure on my scanner?

We are sorry that the Autel scanner cannot be turned on. Please record in video form that the scanner tool cannot be turned on and provide the SN of the OBD2 scanner.

We will reconfirm the model and upgrade period based on your SN and provide you with the corresponding flash package. (Note: Formatting the scanner tool that is not in the upgrade period will delete all software, and you need to purchase the upgrade service again, so please handle it with caution.)

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