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How To Replace A Damaged Headlight?

Among the unsafe factors for driving a car, the headlights not lighting up are a serious risk. In order to ensure driving safety, you must replace your damaged car lights in time.

Replacing a damaged headlight is something you can do yourself and save yourself money.

How to Replace a Headlight Bulb: A Step-by-Step Guide

Replace a Headlight

Step 1: De-energize your car.

Step 2: Open the hood and determine which bulb needs to be replaced.

Step 3: Determine the type of bulb you need.

Step 4: Leave space for removal and installation.

Step 5: Remove the old bulb.

Step 6: Install the bulb.

During headlight removal and installation, you may be involved in removing plastic panels, battery mounts, air intake ducts, and/or headlight housing covers. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove the bumper cover, etc. Stay calm!

Non-car professionals can read the car manual before replacing the headlights. It is necessary to fully understand your car model.

How to Replace a Headlight Housing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Replace a Headlight Housing

Step 1: Determine if you want to replace the entire headlight unit.

Step 2: Get new headlight housings.

Step 3: Remove the old headlight housing.

Step 4: Transfer any bulbs or add-ons to the new housing.

Step 5: Install the new housing.

Step 6: Check whether the headlight housing is installed in place.

Why did replacing the headlights not work?

replacing the headlights

When we replaced the new headlights, we found that it still failed to provide lighting. This may be caused by a faulty sensor in the car's headlights. At this time, as a car DIY enthusiast, you should learn to use a car scanner to detect your car.

Affordable handheld scanners, leading OBD2 tablet smart scanners can be purchased at the Obdprice store. The scanner can cover automotive OBD II diagnostics, key programming, TPMS services, ADAS calibration and more.

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