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My OBD2 Scanner Won't Charge, What Should I Do?

The OBD2 scanner brings clear real-time data inspection to car owners and mechanics, and provides fault codes for the next step of car maintenance and inspection. However, after not using OBD2 for scanning for a long time, my OBD2 scanner cannot be charged and turned on. What should I do?

We provide you with the correct guide on how to get your scanner tool back on.

OBD2 Scanner Won't Charge

If you have not used the car diagnostic scanner for a long time, the tool does not respond when you press the power button multiple times. When you connect the power cord, there is no response when pressing the power button.

These situations all indicate that your scanner tool is in a completely discharged state, which does not mean that the scanner tool is no longer powered.

When the scanner battery is completely discharged, you should use the original AC charger for charging connection, let the tablet scanner tool charge for between half an hour and an hour, and then press and hold the power button for at least 60 seconds while observing the scanner Screen reaction.

Press and hold the power button until the scanner tool screen says it's starting. Once the tool powers up, check the battery percentage and then fully charge the tool while it's powered on.

If after completing the above operations, your scanner tool is still not turned on and the screen is always black, we recommend that you contact us and apply for repair from the manufacturer.

It's worth stating that all tablet scanner tools have built-in batteries, we do not recommend opening your tool to replace the battery due to the complexity of tool assembly and this will void any warranty.

The above startup method applies to all tablet scanners.

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