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How To Update Your Scanner Adapter VCI?

The Autel scanner communicates with the VCI adapter through Bluetooth connection. When the scanner tool upgrades the system, the VCI is not updated. At this time, we find that the scanner tool cannot communicate with the VCI adapter. So what should we do? How do I update my VCI?

Scanner VCI Update

Autel scanners and VCI adapters are fixedly matched. Mixing and matching of Autel scanners and VCI adapters is generally not supported. Autel VCI adapters include VCI Mini, VCI 100, VCI 200, VCI J2534 and so on.

Steps to update Autel scanner J2534 VCI:

  • Check the scanner's WIFI connection and confirm that the scanner is connected to the network
  • Click VCI connection to check whether it is successfully paired with the scanner

Autel Scanner VCI Update

  • Click Update to see if there is a new version to update
  • When updating, please connect the USB cable to the VCI adapter and scanner

Autel Scanner VCI Update

  • After the update is complete, please restart your device.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email.

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