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Which Autel scanner Can Diagnose McLaren Vehicles?

We are pleased to launch McLaren Diagnostic Tools. The addition of McLaren Diagnostic Services adds a new dimension to the coverage of Autel scanners, giving car mechanics a new choice in the diagnosis and maintenance of high-end sports cars in the workshop.

Autel's diagnostic connection to McLaren vehicles makes Autel scanner tools hot!

Here are the Autel scanners available for McLaren vehicle diagnostics:

Autel scanner Diagnose McLaren Vehicles

These Autel diagnostic features are only available on MS908S Pro, MS908S Pro II, MK908 Pro II, MaxiSys Elite, Elite II, Elite II Pro, MS909, MS919, Ultra, Ultra Lite models.

**McLaren diagnostics will not be performed on the MX808, MK808, 906 series.

The scanner launched by Autel for McLaren sports car models can be used to service 19 models, including spider 675LT, 600LT Coupe, Coupe 650s, Spider 540c, GT, GTR, Coupe 625C, etc. Added diagnostic support for McLaren 2022 models.

Autel Scanner for McLaren supports automatic scanning of McLaren vehicles, fault codes, ECU information, real-time data and thermal functions including service light reset and parking brake release.

Autel Scanner for McLaren

Autel scanners have different service functions for various vehicles. Please confirm with Autel whether the reset function is effective before purchasing!

To view more diagnostic capabilities of McLaren-compatible OBD2 scanners, please click Vehicle Coverage.

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