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How To Install and Uninstall Third-party Applications on Autel Elite?

The Autel Maxisys series is a powerful scanner that runs faster and has more memory capacity. This means that Autel users can install more third-party applications to enrich and expand your Autel scanner. Here, we will explain how to install and uninstall third-party apps on Autel Elite?

How to install third-party applications on Autel Elite?

Parly apos oatm

ES File Explorer >> Local >> Home >> Scan >> apk_back

This is where to put the installation apk.

install third-party applications on Autel Elite
install third-party applications on Autel Elite

How to uninstall third-party apps on Autel Elite?

Drag the app up to the Uninstall position.

Do you want to uninstall this app? Click “Ok”

Uninstall finished.

uninstall third-party applications on Autel Elite
ununinstall third-party applications on Autel Elite

This method also applies to installing and uninstalling third-party applications on the Autel diagnostic tool. If you have a handheld scanner tool, you need to insert the SD card into the installation computer to obtain other third-party application installation packages. Other third-party applications may not be available, so please handle them with caution to avoid damaging your code reader.

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