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2019 Maxisys MS906BT Honest Review, Difference among MS906, MS906BT & MS906TS

Autel MS906BT VS MS906

  • Autel Maxisys MS906BT is a next generation of MS906. These two professional automotive diagnostic scanners can read and clear error codes, read live data, perform ECU coding, actuation tests, and adaptations. Besides they have the same appearance. However, ms906bt performs some extra functions that the MS906 doesn’t, like supporting oscilloscope, digital inspection camera add-ons. The oscilloscope and camera don’t come with the default package though, it is sold separately. What's more, ms906bt can connect to a car’s OBD system using VCI. That is a wireless connection which basically allows you higher mobility. 

MS906 VS MS906BT


Autel MS906BT VS MS906TS:

The most important difference between MS906BT and MS906TS is the TPMS Service function: 

Maxisys MS906TS is built with an integrated TPMS antennae module, the Autel MS906TS is not only capable of triggering OEM TPMS sensors but can also program TPMS sensors and perform TPMS sensor relearns. In other words, this device can transfer new TPMS sensor IDs directly to a vehicle’s ECU. If you are an auto mechanic you understand that most foreign cars usually require a comprehensive relearn procedure before being sold or used locally. When it comes to TPMS relearn, the MS906TS will initiate the process automatically and save you from the hassle of doing it manually.

 ms906ts vs ms906bt vs ms906

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