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Autel AutoScan 2.0 Technical Description

Most modern cars are equipped with an OBD2 interface, which allows DIY mechanics to communicate with the vehicle's ECU through a scanner to detect potential problems with the car.

When the Autel scanner communicates with the vehicle via a wired/wireless Bluetooth connection, and the scanner enters the diagnostic function of each module, the automatic scanning technology will automatically scan and diagnose the vehicle's problems.

Automatic scanning technology means that the OBD2 scanner can automatically scan and diagnose vehicle faults without manual intervention. It can help drivers discover and solve vehicle faults in time, improving vehicle reliability and safety.

What is AutoScan 2.0?

AutoScan 2.0 technology launched by Autel significantly increases the speed of automatic scanning on maxisys tablets, enhances the ability of vehicles to share information with scanners, streamlines repair processes and improves workshop efficiency.

Which Autel scanners can AutoScan 2.0 be used with?

AutoScan 2.0 is currently available on premium flatbed scanners: the Autel Maxisys series. This includes:

What vehicles can AutoScan 2.0 be used on?

Some of the vehicle manufacturers covered by the new AutoScan 2.0 features include Audi, Mercedes, BMW, General Motors, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Honda, and more.

How to ensure that AutoScan 2.0 runs smoothly?

1) Make sure the scanning tool VCI adapter has been updated to the latest version

2) The scanner tool is within a valid subscription period

Autel launched automatic scanning technology to enable scanners to better access different vehicle systems, improve the process of retrieving vehicle error information codes, and help auto mechanics handle their work better.

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