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Autel Handheld Code Reader OBD II Scanner Support Function Description

Autel handheld code reader OBD2 scanner supports engine OBD2 testing, can read and clear codes, quickly search for vehicle problems, and the software can be upgraded for free for life. Here, we will compare the scanner support functions.

    AL/ML319 AL419 AL519 AL439 AL539 AL539B AL/ML329 AL/ML529 AL/ML529 HD ML609P ML629


I/M Readiness
Read Code
Erase Code
Live Data
Freeze Frane
Vehicle Information
02 Mlonitor Test      
On-Board Mon. Test        
Component test      
Ready Test
OBD HD                    
Vehicle Engine read code                    
Engine Erase code                    
Transmission read code                    
Transmission Erase code                    
ABS read code                  
ABS Erase code                  
SRS read code                  
SRS Erase code                  
Extended testing Circuit test                  
Start test                
BAT test                    
Other Record data    
Play back    
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