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Autel IM508 or OTOFIX IM1 [What’s different?]

What’s the difference between Autel MaxiIM IM508 and OTOFIX IM1 and other key programmer? check comparison below.

OTOFIX IM1 vs Autel IM508

Item Name Autel IM508 OTOFIX IM1 Remark
Common Immo Key Programming Yes Yes, pay for advanced license  
Basic Diagnostic Yes Yes, pay for advanced license Read DTC, clear DTC, scan systems, read datastream etc
Mercedes Advanced programming Yes Yes, pay for advanced license AKL (fast on car)
Reset IMMO
BMW Advanced programming Yes Yes, pay for advanced license  ECU replacement (CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+, FEM/BDC)

Read ISN code no soldering
VAG Advanced programming Yes Yes, pay for advanced license Replace MQB ECU
Replace 4th IMMO ECU
Read MED17 ISN via OBD
Read DME ISN on bench
Toyota Advanced programming Yes Yes, pay for advanced license Toyota H All Keys Lost
Ford/Mazda Advanced programming Yes Yes, pay for advanced license 2020 Mazda3 CX30 bypass pin code
Chinese Fprd and Mazda PMI
Mazda 2013- parameter reset
Mitsubishi Advanced programming Yes Yes, pay for advanced license ID47 proximity all keys lost
Remote Desktop Support Yes Yes Remote technical support
Update One Year Free Update One Year Free Update Autel and Otofix released updates frequently

OTOFIX IM1 Automotive Key Programming is a professional and easy-to-use immobilizer & key programming tool that combines superior performance with a streamlined design. It supports read PIN code, key programming, IMMO parts replacement, IMMO type identification, transponder read/write, etc. Equipped with the XP1 key programmer, OTOFIX IM1 is capable of providing extraordinary service functions for the immobilizer system. OTOFIX IM1 key programmer is the best choice in automotive key programming for locksmiths.

Note: The OTOFIX IM1 is now discontinued, check out the Key Programming Tools series.

Autel MaxiIM IM508 Car Key Programmer is an advanced automotive key programming scan tool that combines key programming, all systems diagnostics and advanced service functions. IM508 professional car key programming tool can perform comprehensive IMMO related functions and most useful programming capabilities.As a professional diagnostic scan tool, IM508 is capable of performing OE-Level diagnosis on ALL available modules for more than 80 US, Asian and European makes and models and most useful service functions like Oil Reset, Reset Parking Brake Pads after Replacement, SAS Calibration, DPF Regeneration and BMS.


OTOFIX IM1 has same functions as Autel IM508, but should pay for advanced IMMO features according to requirements.

If you requires a professional key programmer to program cars like Mercedes, BMW, VW, Toyota...Autel IM508 + XP400 Pro will be a best choice.

If you do not need to program too many car brands, but still require basic IMMO & diagnosis functions, variety of maintenance services, then OTOFIX IM1 Scan Tool will be a fine option.

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