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Autel KM100 vs Xhorse Max Pro Key Tool

How to choose the best affordable remote generator and cloner? Here we will compare Autel VS Xhorse, the most popular brand in the automotive aftermarket. Autel KM100 VS Xhorse VVDI Max Pro, both are handheld key tools and support IMMO service.

Autel KM100
Xhorse VVDI Key Tool
Generate remote
Garage remote X
Copy remote X
Copy transponder chip
Generate special chip
Frequency test
Immobilizer √, with PLC VCI200 X (requires mini obd)
ID/IC Copy X
Unlock remote
Unlock Toyota smart key
Detect ignition coil signal
Remote simulator X
Chip simulator X
Write key via dump X
Collect FSK ASK EEPROM frequency X
Detect IR X X
Charge remote X
Password calculation
ID48/ID48 96bit copy X


Autel KM100 supports more vehicle coverage types, including mid-to-high-end models such as Honda, Benz, Open and Suzuki.

KM100 key generator can simulate ID46 47 48 49 8A chips, which Xhors VVDI Max Pro cannot do.

KM100 is not yet able to copy ID48 or ID48 96-bit transponders. Key Tool Max requires 10 remotes to activate the license.

KM100 is equipped with PLC VC1200 interface, which can directly perform lMMO functions for GM, BMW, Honda, Toyota and VAG. Key Tool Max requires a separate Mini OBD. Lonsdor and Keydiy require separate IMmo key programmers.

The Autel KM100 Key Generator and Xhorse Key Tool VVDI Max Pro are both complementary and very affordable, suitable for chip cloning as well as generating universal remote controls. In general, KM100 is more worth buying. As a professional car key smart tool solution, it has powerful chip reading and writing, cloning and key generation capabilities.

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