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Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT Pro 2023 Newest OBD2 Scanner Full Review

Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT Pro is an upgraded model of Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT. Autel MK808BT has a perfect answer in 2022. Autel MK808BT Pro will be a perfect new start.

As a powerful car diagnostic tool, Autel MK808BT Pro is based on Android operating system and equipped with a 7.0-inch touch screen. Whether you are a professional auto repair technician or an ordinary car owner, MK808BT Pro can provide you with a comprehensive and reliable diagnosis and repair solution. This article will systematically introduce the features, functions and importance of Autel MK808BT Pro in the field of car maintenance.

Autel MK808BT Pro Advanced Hardware

Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT Pro

Customer Rating Autel MK808BT Pro customer rating
Weight 885 g (2.31 lbs.)
Display 7-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen with 1024x600 resolution
Operating System Android 11
Processor RK3566 Quad-core Arm Cortex-A55 processor (1.8 GHz)
Memory 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM
Power and Battery 3.7 V/5000 mAh lithium-polymer battery Charges via a 5 VDC power supply
Tested Battery Life Around 6.5 hours of continuous use
Warranty & Update 1-year Free Update & Warranty

What is the function of Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT pro?

MaxiCOM MK808BT Pro is your ideal auto diagnostics and service tool, providing you with superior functions, including Bi-directional Control, Oil Reset, EPB (Electronic Parking Brake), SAS (Steering Angle Sensor), BMS (Battery Management System), etc.

Autel MK808BT PRO 2023 New Added Functions:

Autel MK808BT PRO 2023 New Added Functions

Can you program keys with Autel scanner MK808BT pro?

Not perfect, IMMO Keys function is only available for Asian vehicles with low-grade anti-theft systems, you need to consult Obdprice service personnel for specific vehicle support, of course, it would be better to consider IM508 and above Professional Key Fob Programming Tool.

How far is the bluetooth connection of the Autel MK808BT PRO scanner?

Autel MK808BT PRO car scan tool that is equipped with VCI Mini! This Autel MK808BT PRO Bluetooth scanner can working 33ft(10m) range.More convenient to use than the wired versions!

Is Autel MK808BT PRO bi-directional?

Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT PRO OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Scanner

This bi-directional control scanner MK808BT PRO can send commands to ECU to test the movement of actuators to help find problems quickly, such as fuel pump, interior lights, air conditioning fans, interior mirrors, adaptive headlights, windows, Cleaning/wiping systems, horns, etc.

Will Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT PRO work on my vehicle?

Autel MK808BT PRO covers 80+ car brands, 150+ makes, 10000+ models vehicles. You can check vehicle suitability here.

Does Autel MK808BT-PRO have IP Restriction?

No, Autel MK808BT-PRO does not have IP Restriction, it has up to 21 languages that can be switched, and you can use it in any country.

What accessories can Autel MK808BT PRO support?

Autel MK808BT PRO can be combined with MV108 and BT506 for battery testing and digital endoscopy to better serve car diagnostics.

MK808BT PRO with MV108

MK808BT PRO with MV108


MK808BT PRO with BT506

MK808BT PRO with BT506



Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT PRO has the latest top-level hardware in 2023, the latest top-level hardware in 2023, supports cloud services, and has user-friendly interactive design. It is the best practical Autel diagnostic scanner at the same price.

The current price of Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT PRO is $469, which is suitable for auto mechanic shop owners, car enthusiasts, and maintenance personnel.



  • Wide Range of Functions
  • Fast and Reliable Android operating system
  • One year warranty
  • Full Bi-directional Control/ Active Tests
  • A fantastic customer service team
  • Some users complain that updates can be expensive after the first year
  • Performance is dependent on vehicle compatibility, so research is vital
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