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Autel Scanner Battery Tester BT506 Instructions

Using a car scanner can help us fully understand the car's performance, but if the car battery fails, we need to use a car battery tester. There is a linkage between the scanner and the battery tester. Here we will explain the battery test function of the Autel scanner.

Autel Battery Tester

A battery tester can measure the health of your battery, giving you an idea of how long it will last and when it should be replaced. Autel battery tester models include: Autel BT609, Autel BT508, Autel BT608, Autel BT506.

Most Autel scanner tablet tools can be combined with the Autel BT506 battery tester to enhance extended testing of automotive batteries.

The Autel scanner tablet tool can be divided into wired connection and Bluetooth connection. The BT506 battery tester communicates with the diagnostic tool via Bluetooth. Therefore, most diagnostic scanner tablet tools via wired connection do not support battery testing.

Autel scanner does not support BT506 battery test instructions sheet

 Autel BT506 suitability
MX808 X
MX808S X
MX900 X
MK808 X
MK808s/MK808Z X
MK900 X
DS808(K) X
DS808S X
MP808 X
MP808S X
MP900/MP900E X
MS906 X
MS908 X
MS908 Pro X
MK908 X
MK908P X
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