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Autel TPMS Tool Batch Programming Sensor Instructions

Autel sensors (rubber sensor/metal sensor) cover frequencies of 433Mhz and 512Mhz. Blank Autel sensors can be programmed individually or in batches.

How to batch program Autel sensors?

program Autel sensors

Autel sensors can only be programmed using the Autel TPMS service tool.

Batch sensor programming of the TS508 and TS608 TPMS tools allows technicians to perform programming applications on multiple sensors for a specific vehicle.

Note: TS508 has been upgraded to TS508WF tool, with new Wifi function.

How can I program an Autel sensor?

Autel sensors currently have four programming methods: copy by activation; copy by manual input; automatically create 1-16; copy by OBD.

Autel's TPMS tool supports programming of up to 16 sensors simultaneously, each programmed with a unique sensor ID.

The only difference between the method of batch programming sensors and other programming methods (such as activation copy, obd copy, input copy) is that batch program sensors have unique IDs. and is not based on any existing sensor information contained within the vehicle. Relearning is always required to register a new ID to the control module.

batch program Autel sensors

What can batch programming Autel sensors do for me?

For technicians who are replacing an entire set of sensors or servicing fleet vehicles (such as police fire and medical response), batch programming sensors can be the perfect time-saving option.

You can create a TPMS parts bin for each type of fleet, and the Autel 1 sensors can be pre-programmed and kept on the shelf, ready for use when a sensor needs to be replaced.

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