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Autel TS501 Pro New Product Release

MaxiTPMS® TS501 Pro is a new generation TPMS diagnostic and maintenance tool designed for activating all known TPMS sensors, reading TPMS sensor status, checking TPMS system health, programming MX-Sensors, and sensor location learning. It is the ideal solution for TPMS diagnostic and service needs.

Autel TS501 Pro TPMS Service Tool Features

• Trigger/activate all known TPMS sensors

• Read sensor ID, pressure, temperature and battery voltage (varies based on original sensor)

• Multiple ways to program Autel MX-Sensors, covering 99% of vehicles

• Broadest OBD relearning coverage (OBDII cable included)

• Read sensor ID from ECU and compare with active sensor ID

• 25% lower or higher tire pressure warning (applies to some vehicles)

• TPMS status screen for quick TPMS health check Read/clear TPMS trouble codes (fault code descriptions are available on the tool)

• Programming to create 1-16 MX-Sensors simultaneously in batches

• Relearning procedure guide on the tool

• 2 or more new ID relearn type options for over 50% of vehicles

• Original sensor information and tool tech tips

• Check Autel MX-Sensor ID, pressure, temperature and battery voltage

• Check key FOB

• Lifetime free software updates via Maxi PC Suite using USB cable

• Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery

• Compact and ergonomically designed for easy portability

• Multi-language support

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