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Autel TS508 vs TS608 Pro: Full Review

Autel TS508 and Autel TS608 Pro are both tire pressure monitors and service scanners in the AUTEL automotive diagnostic tool series. In order to allow auto mechanics and DIY enthusiasts to better understand the performance of the Autel TPMS service tool, here, we will focus on Autel TS508 vs TS608 Pro.

TPMS is a tire pressure monitoring system (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), which can detect and monitor the tire pressure of a car and issue a warning to the driver when the tire pressure is abnormal to ensure driving safety.

Usually, the TPMS system consists of four sensors, on-board computer, etc. The Autel TPMS scanner can be used in combination with Autel sensors to use rubber sensors and metal sensors to make better pressure judgments on car tires.

Today, I will introduce the two best TPMS tools I have used so far, Autel TS508 vs TS608 Pro, hoping to help you choose the TPMS tool suitable for your car.


MaxiTPMS TS508


MaxiTPMS TS608 Pro

Autel MaxiTPMS TS608 Pro TS608K Diagnostic Scanner and OE-Level TPMS Service Tool

Customer Rating

4.5 star 4.5 star


$229.00 $603.00

3.7 V Li-polymer battery;

3200 mAh

3.7 V Li-polymer battery;

5000 mAh


320 x 240 dpi

7-inch 1024x600 dpi

Diagnostic & Service


OE-Level Diagnostic & 28+ Services

Quick Mode & Advance Mode  
Activate TPMS sensors
Read sensor data
TPMS diagnose, one step for complete TPMS health check
Read/clear TPMS DTCs; on-screen DTC description
Scan TPMS sensor ID and copy ID into MX-Sensor
Manual input OE ID into MX-sensor
Program MX-Sensor by auto creating sensor ID
Read Sensor ID by OBD and copy ID into MX-Sensor
Relearn by OBD function
Relearn procedure guide on the tool
Check Key FOB
Tire Type/Pressure selection  √
Built-in rechargeable li-ion battery
Strong housing with protective rubber boot
Print TPMS sensor data via PC
Internet updatable USB USB
Multilingual support
Historical test records
Software Update free 1-Year $206
Limited one year warranty

What is the difference between Autel TS508 and TS608 Pro?

1) Different battery capacities

Autel ts508 vs ts608 Pro has a big difference in battery capacity. Both use 3.7v lithium batteries. The TS608 Pro battery capacity is 5000mAh and the TS508 battery capacity is 3200mAh.

2) Different functions

Autel TS508 TPMS Service Tool has quick mode and advanced mode functions, bringing fast and smart TPMS. The Autel TS608 Pro scanner is a flagship all-in-one TPMS and diagnostic scanner that provides an excellent experience with TPMS inspection, sensor programming, TPMS relearning, all system diagnostics, and 28+ special service functions.

3) Different appearance design

Autel TS508 is a handheld scanner, connected by cable, with a screen size of only 320 x 240, while Autel TS608 Pro is a tablet scanner, connected by Bluetooth VCI, equipped with a 7-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1024*600P.

Autel MaxiTPMS TS608 Pro Diagnostic Scanner and OE-Level TPMS Service Tool, Upgrade Ver of MK808TS/ MP808TS, with 8 PCS 315MHz MX-Sensors (Valued $240)

Autel MaxiTPMS TS608 Pro

Autel MaxiTPMS TS608 Pro

4.5 star

  • TPMS by OEM Part No
  • TPMS Relearn & Programming
  • Auto VIN & Auto Scan
  • Over 10000+ Vehicle Model Coverage
  • Printing Health Report Via Wifi & BT
  • 28+ Service Functions
  • Special TPMS Functions
  • BT Wifi Bluetooth
  • All System Diagnositics

Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 TPMS Diagnostic & Service Tool for TPMS Diagnostic/ Programming/ Relearn or Reset

Autel TS501

Autel MaxiTPMS TS508

4.5 star

  • Quick Mode and Advanced Mode Options
  • Read/Erase TPMS Codes
  • Program Autel MX-Sensors
  • TPMS Relearn Functions
  • TPMS Activation
  • Free Softwares Update

AUTEL TS508 is a tire pressure monitor and service scanner that can check tire pressure, perform common tasks such as TPMS programming, reset, learning, etc., and has basic OBDII functions. In addition, TS508 also supports advanced functions such as short circuit test, open circuit test and battery replacement. In comparison, the AUTEL TS608 Pro has more functions and features, including full system diagnostics, component matching, reset, encoding and adaptive learning, which are designed to make diagnosis more in-depth and accurate.

Compared with TS508, Autel TS508WF has updated Wifi connection, making software updates more convenient.

AUTEL TS608 Pro is also equipped with self-testing capabilities to help users identify possible issues and provide advanced fixes to resolve them. In addition, it has wider model coverage and can be applied to a variety of brands of cars in Europe, Asia and North America, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Honda, Toyota, etc.

Overall, AUTEL TS608 Pro has more comprehensive functions and wider model coverage, which can meet the needs of more users. However, its price is also relatively high. If you only need basic tire pressure monitoring and service scanner functionality, the AUTEL TS508 may be a better choice.

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