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Best Scanners and Accessories for Tesla

What are the vehicle scanners and accessories Tesla owners need most? The Autel EV scanner series can support full-system diagnosis of pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, bi-directional scanner control and up to 40+ services.

Autel EV scanner series: Autel Ultra EV, Autel MS909EV.

Autel Ultra EV: 2023 New Energy Vehicle Scanner 

Autel MaxiSYS Ultra EV Intelligent Diagnostics Tablet

Autel MaxiSys Ultra EV New Energy Car Diagnostics Scanner is a new generation of intelligent diagnostics for electric, hybrid, gas, and diesel vehicles. The Ultra EV provides a comprehensive analysis of electric and hybrid vehicles with expanded topology mapping and battery pack analysis that can be performed via OBD or directly with included specialty cables and jumpers. The Ultra EV screen displays detailed graphics and in-depth connection guidance to provide safe and secure testing. The 12.9-inch Ultra EV touchscreen tablet comes equipped with the MaxiFlash VCMI (5-in-1) measurement device, Bluetooth-enabled vehicle communication interface and J2534 pass-thru programming device, and a dedicated EVDiag box. The MaxiSys UltraEV combines Autel's MaxiSys Ultra with the MaxiSYS EV Diagnostics Upgrade Kit.

Autel MaxiSys MS909EV New Energy Car Diagnostics Scanner

Autel Maxisys MS909EV

The  MaxiSys MS909EV is a new generation of intelligent diagnostics for electric, hybrid, gas and diesel vehicles. With its dedicated EVDiag Box, MaxiFlash VCI, and detailed graphics, system information, and step-by-step instructions, the MaxiSYS 909EV  provides a comprehensive approach to advanced electric and hybrid vehicle diagnostics.

Autel Diagnostic Cables for Tesla S & Tesla X Vehicle Models

Autel Tesla Diagnostic Cables Set for Tesla S & Tesla X

Autel diagnostic cables for Tesla S & Tesla X vehicle models, enables Autel MaxiSYS 909, 919, or Ultra tablets to connect with Tesla S & Tesla X vehicles so as to activate factory mode and perform system diagnoses.

Autel Tesla cable set includes three cables: TLAN001, TCAN001 and TCAN002.

Autel MX-Sensor BLE-A001 Tesla Sensor

Autel MX-Sensor BLE-A001 Tesla Sensor

Autel Tesla MX-Sensor BLE-A001 is compatible with Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y. Model 3: January 2020 to September 2027; Model S: June 2021 to March 2031; Model X: January 2021 to April 2029; Model Y: October 2020 to February 2031. Work with TS900/ ITS600 TPMS tool, new BLE sensor can be activated and relearned into Tesla tire pressure monitor system.

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