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How To Create A New Key For Honda 2020 Accord with Autel IM608 Pro?

The Autel IM608 Pro is the most advanced car key programming tool, combining advanced IMMO/key programming, all system diagnostics and 31+ service functions. Here we will demonstrate how to create a new key for Honda car using Autel IM608 Pro.

Autel IM608 Pro can be connected to the car OBD2 interface using a main line cable, or it can be connected to JVCI using a cable. IM608 Pro and JVCI generate Bluetooth communication.

After the connection is successful, Autel IM608 Pro starts automatically scanning VIN. After the scan is normal, it is ready to enter the stage of creating a new key.

The car key creation and key loss are very easy to operate. After the key is added successfully, the key information is synchronized with the car by turning the ignition switch on and off several times. And you can check if the key is valid by opening the car or unlocking and locking the doors.

Returning to the IMMO menu, you can also check how many keys you have to delete, add, and update key information.

Autel IM608 Pro Create New Key for Honda Video

Special note: As a professional anti-theft and key programming tool, IM608 Pro can perform complete anti-theft and key programming functions, but it has been discontinued. Please choose the higher level IMMO learning tool IM608 S II.

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