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How to Programming Ford Diesel ECU by Autel MaxiSys Elite

In this articel I’m going to show you how you can program a 2015 Ford f-450 with a diesel motor using an auto tell maxiflash JBOX programming device and a laptop so we have our Wi-Fi hotspot.

You can also do Programe Ford Diesel ECU by Autel Maxisys Elite

The first thing that I do is I go to the motor craft service website

I’m logged in I’ll go ahead and do my diagnostic tool support my software my F JDS and then I’ll click download software, let it run through its system.

Open the program back up you’ll see here that it says that you need to obtain a license, when you click it, it doesn’t give you the option to click a little bit lower just says activate product license. So what you’ll have to do is go to your internet explorer and go back to your motor craft service.

you’ll come back over to F JDS you go back over again and then you’ll see where it says purchase software.

I’m gonna buy the 2-day F JDS software license for $50.

Through all your billing information and stuff, I have my activation code.

It will bring us to our F JDS which has now been ready to rock and roll so we’ll let the software
open and once it opens we’ll go ahead and start with the actual programming.

So we’ll let the software open and once it opens we’ll go ahead and start with the actual programming.

Now I’ll go ahead and click start new session, I’ll click the checkmark in the bottom right hand corner and I’ve made my connections as shown and I’ll make sure that my key is in the on position.

Make sure a battery tender attached to the truck, so this is our correct vehicle.

click yes so now my computer is communicating with the JBOX from autel.

the vehicle and we’ll go ahead and update the PCM after it grabs all the necessary data that it needs to see before we can continue.

you’ll hear the fuel pump cycle a few times and from here you just have to type in your RO number so on this vehicle.

So now I can go to my toolbox and I can click module programming and we want to do the powertrain so I click module programming and program a module installation module reprogramming.

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