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Nissan Gateway Function Autel Scanner Limited Time Unlocked For Free

Nissan's gateway function will implement a one-month free unlock trial event, event time: 11/6-12/6. The event is limited to scanner IPs in the European and Japanese regions. The event will be pushed through the terminal, and users can try this function.

1. What is the security gateway function?

Answer: The secure gateway function is to unlock the gateway in secure mode;

2. Why do you need the Nissan Security Gateway function?

Answer: Because when the gateway is in safe mode, some functions, such as special functions, action testing, coding, programming and other functions, will be intercepted by the security gateway, resulting in unresponsive instructions. Therefore, these functions need to be unlocked through the security gateway function before they can be executed. Function.

3. Which scanner models can support the Nissan Security Gateway function?

Currently, all Autel scanner tablets support unlocking the Nissan Security Gateway function, which requires paid purchase.

4. Which models can the Nissan security gateway function support?


Europe: Juke, Qashqai, Sentra, X-trail, Pathfinder (models probably after 2019);

Japan: X-trail, Note e-power/Aura (model year probably after 2022);

5. What conditions need to be met to support the Nissan Security Gateway function?

Answer: The scanner is still within the subscription period. The scanner was purchased through regular channels and model support will be considered.

6. How to purchase Nissan Security Gateway function?

Answer: Purchase by frequency, there are three ways:

a. Enter the car to use the function, and if there is no remaining balance, the purchase box will automatically pop up;

b. Enter the car. If the car has a security gateway function, you can click the small OEM Authorization icon in the top bar of the page to enter the purchase;

c. If the customer has already purchased it, they can enter the OEM Authorization icon on the main interface of the management program, and then enter the renewal purchase interface to purchase.

7. How to use the Nissan Security Gateway function? Is there any fee required? Is it available in all areas?

Answer: There is a fee required. It is currently only available in Europe and Japan.

a. Click Diagnostic/Service;

b. Read Nissan cars through automatic car reading, manual car selection, and vehicle system;

c. Click Unlock (if you have not purchased the software yet, you need to follow the pop-up prompt to purchase this function);

d. Follow the device prompts to purchase the function and complete the payment.

8. Where is the security gateway function icon?


a. On the main interface of the management program;

b. After entering the car, if the car has a security gateway function, there will also be a security gateway function icon on the toolbar at the top of the page;

9. What is the purpose of the gateway authorization app on tablet devices?


a. Check the account number, remaining number of uses, validity period and other information authorized by the gateway of each car brand that the device has purchased;

b. Renew the purchased gateway license;

Note: If you have not purchased any security gateway function, the page will be blank after entering OEM Authorization.

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