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Suggestions of reporting Autel software issues

Dear user of this great brand, AUTEL. We have open this discussion in order to you explain, the best you can and polite, what feature stops to work or is not working very good.

We should do this post and if it's possible send a DATALOG.
I suggest to fill a form like the one below:


Type of equipment: Maxisys 908 Pro
Serial Number: V09G12566727
Brand and version: Ford v5.10
Car information: Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI 2007 WF0SXXGCDS8E71244
Country: Portugal
Problem: Don't do programming in Motor ECU
Description of the problem: In version 5.00 it was possible to do programming in the MOTOR ECU. After update it's no more possible to do. I try in other Ford cars and have the same problem.


Dear Customers, while reporting software issues, we hope you can do in the way suggested as above, this is the most effective way for us in locating and analysing the software bug. Thank you for the cooperation!
If you have any suggestion in order to improve, please contact me.
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