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The most complete information about Autel TPMS tool

What is TPMS?

As an important part of the automobile, the main consideration of tire performance is tire pressure. Low or high tire pressure will affect the tire performance, reduce its service life, and ultimately affect driving safety.

The full name of TPMS is tire pressure monitoring system. The function of TPMS is to automatically monitor tire pressure in real time during vehicle driving and alarm tire leakage and low pressure to ensure driving safety.

TPMS Composition

TPMS Composition

TPMS operating principle

When the air pressure of a tire decreases, the rolling radius of the wheel will become smaller, resulting in its speed being faster than that of other wheels. The tire pressure can be monitored by comparing the speed difference between tires.

The indirect tire warning system TPMS actually monitors the tire pressure by calculating the tire rolling radius; The direct tire pressure monitoring system TPMS directly replaces the valve of the original vehicle with the valve with the sensor, and uses the sensing chip in the sensor to sense the subtle changes of tire pressure and temperature in the static and moving states of the tire, converts the electrical signal into a radio frequency signal, and uses an independent channel transmitter to transmit it to the receiver, so that the vehicle owner can know the tire pressure and temperature of the body tire whether driving or static.

At present, all of them are direct-type tire pressure monitoring systems, and the indirect type has been basically eliminated. Only a small number of vehicles manufactured in 2006 are equipped with indirect type tire pressure monitoring systems.

The tire pressure monitoring system is generally installed on the rim. The built-in sensor senses the pressure in the tire, converts the pressure signal into an electrical signal, and transmits the signal to the receiver through the wireless transmitter. Various data changes or buzzes are displayed on the display. The driver can inflate or deflate the tire in time according to the displayed data, and the leakage can be handled in time, So that big accident can be resolved in small places.

Comparison of direct and indirect TPMS

Items Direct TPMS  Indirect TPMS
Principle Directly measure the air pressure inside the tire with a sensor mounted on the tire
Comparison of tire speed differences through ABS/ESC system sensors to detect
Tire pressure
cost Installation of additional sensors, high cost Utilize existing sensors, low cost
Detection limitations All working conditions can be detected
Static, turning, multiple tires with low air pressure at the same time, speed higher than 100km/h
cannot detect
Real-time air pressure and temperature Can be displayed at standstill or running
Regulatory Applicability Comply with the regulatory requirements of the United States, the European Union, China and other countries and regions
Does not meet the alarm requirement that the air pressure deviates from 25% of normal
Application vendor Almost all domestic independent brands, American, Japanese and Korean joint ventures
Audi of FAW-Volkswagen, Skoda, Lavida, Passat of Shanghai Volkswagen, etc.
German car


Autel TPMS Diagnostic Tools

 Autel TPMS tools

Autel TPMS Tools Comparison

Autel TMPS tools comparison

Main Advantages of Autel TPMS Tools

Wide database, high coverage: Including China, the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia. Five regions, covering Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, A total of 120 car brands, the makert coverage up to 98%.

High coverage in OBD: More than 80% covered

Fast update software: TS501, TS508, TS601, TS608, MS906TS guarantee 1-2 months update

Atuel TPMS Diagnostic Tools Key Functions

Atuel TPMS Diagnostic Tools Key Functions

About TPMS MX-Sensor

Autel 4 in 1 MX-Sensor

Autel 4 in 1 MX-Sensor

Autel MX-Sensor Installation Type Valve Type Pros  Cons
Press-in Metal Valve Easy to install Fixed angle
Rubbery Valve
Screw-in Metal Valve Adjustable angle Complex assembly
Rubbery Valve


Through this article, I believe that you should have a certain understanding of the TPMS tools of Autel. I hope you can follow the prompts in the process of use to avoid unknown errors.

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