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MaxiSys Ultra Series Coming Soon Motor Truspeed Repair

MaxiSYS Ultra is Autel’s most ambitious diagnostic tablet to date, and Autel has partnered with Motor Truspeed to give auto repair technicians a better user experience and more streamlined access to OEM repair information.

MOTOR TruSpeed Repair is a white-label software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. Through this Ultra series collaboration, TruSpeed repair information will be integrated into all North American MaxiSYS Ultra, Ultra EV, MS919, MS909 and MS909 EV tools (including ADAS support). Ultra Series Tools) diagnostic software.

Autel Ultra Scanner

MOTOR TruSpeed provides expanded OEM service and repair content including ADAS (including version updates) within days of OEM release, ensuring users have the latest information on properly repairing and maintaining their vehicle as soon as possible. Users can access advanced search features in an easy-to-use interface to speed up the repair process.

Benefits Motor Truspeed Repair brings to the Ultra range:

Faster time to market and implementation

New content available within days of OEM release

Extensive OEM service and repair content

Comprehensive coverage of component locations, diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), maintenance schedules, repair procedures, specifications, technical service bulletins (TSBs) and wiring diagrams. Also included are OEM position statements and ADAS-related repair details.

Advanced search features

Advanced Global Search includes the ability to drill down into content (not just titles) to ensure only the best possible matches are presented based on the search criteria provided

All repair details in one location to reduce repair time

Relevant content (relevant repair details, required tools, warnings) is displayed in one place along with the service procedure, ensuring that end users do not waste time looking for the required data

Labor and parts

Access MOTOR estimated work times and related parts to quickly identify parts and labor time required to perform repairs

Popular uses

Fix your vehicle quickly and correctly the first time with access to all the latest service repair details

Increase sales and reduce damaged parts returns due to incorrect installation by adding repair procedures when purchasing parts

Combine MOTOR TruSpeed Repair with MOTOR’s APIs for labor, parts, maintenance schedules, and more for deeper integration into your shop management workflow

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