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What should I Do if My Autel Scanner Device is Locked?

The Autel scanner tool has a built-in software system to run, and the Android system uses it just like a mobile phone and needs to be registered to use it. But at the same time, some unexpected situations may occur that cause the device to be locked. How to unlock the Autel scanner device?

The Autel scanner tool may lock the device when it is not connected to the Internet or connected to the Internet. This is usually caused by operational errors. Once the device detects an abnormality, it will lock itself. At this time, you cannot use the normal scanning diagnostic service. But it can still be turned on and off normally.

Autel scanner device lock example

"Exception detected. Device locked. Error code: 106"

Autel scanner device locked error 106 code

What does it mean? Error code 106 indicates that the device is locked due to file download misoperations exceeding 30 times. In this case, please upload the log and provide the SN to Autel customer service to unlock it, and also provide feedback to your seller for contact.

"The device has been locked since an illegal operation has been detected"

Autel scanner device has been locked

Scenario 1: The tool has been geo-locked, and the geo-IP restricts the current use of this scanner.

Scenario 2: You may have purchased a second-hand scanner tool, or purchased it through other channels. The original owner of the device has applied to lock the machine, preventing the scanner from performing any operations.

In this case, please contact Autel support, and it is recommended that you purchase the original scanner from regular channels,, and carefully read the applicability of geographical IP when purchasing the scanner.

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