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Autel TS900 VS TS608 VS TS508WF

Comparison of Autel's most representative TPMS tools, Autel TS900 VS TS608 VS TS508WF, let us have an in-depth understanding of the hardware and software differences between Autel TS900, Autel TS608, and Autel TS508WF scanners to better help you choose.



autel ts900


autel ts608


Autel MaxiTPMS TS508WF

Connection USB TYPE-C, USB 2.0, WIFI, Bluetooth, MINISD card Bluetooth MAXIVCI-MINI Via OBD II to vehicle Data Link Connector (DLC)
Screen 8-inch LCD touch screen
1280 x 800 resolution

7-inch touch screen
1024 X 600 DPI/LED color screen

2.3-inch TFT color display
320 x 240 resolution

lithium polymer battery

5000mAh 3200mAh lithium polymer battery
Processor 1.8GHz quad core 1.6GHz quad core -
Memory 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM (max) 64GB MICRO SD card not supported

32GB SSD / 1GB
RAM (max) 32GB MICRO SD card Not supported include

Camera 8MP Rear - -
Operating system Android 11 Android 4.4.2 -
Software update

1 year tool warranty
1 year free software updates

1 year of free updates via WI-Fi

1 year warranty with lifetime
free software updates

Automatic detection Auto VIN/Auto Scan Auto VIN/Auto Scan -
Service reset

Over 40 service functions Advanced features

17 service functions
standard features

2 TPMS service modes
quick mode and advanced mode

System diagnostics

All systems diagnostics
all modules in all systems

All systems diagnostics
all modules in all systems

Battery analysis - - -
TPMS Diagnostics

TPMS status screen

TPMS status screen

TPMS status screen

Read/Activate/Relearn All known sensor brands are compatible with AUTEL BLE SENSOR All known sensor brands All known sensor brands
Programming method

2 methods
MX-sensors Only

2 methods
MX-sensors Only

2 methods
MX-sensors Only

Relearn procedures

OBD II Relearn
with on-tool procedures

OBD II Relearn
with on-tool procedures

OBD II Relearn
with on-tool procedures

Print sensor data Wifi to PC Wifi to PC USB to PC
MAXISYS System Suite Remote support & data logging Remote support & data logging -
TPMS mode options TPMS Health Report - TPMS System Status Screen
Compatible with TBE200 - - -
Tire registration - - -
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