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Why You Need Autel Diagnostic Tools [2-Year Free Update]?

With its powerful functionality, flexible adaptability, user-friendly interface and wide vehicle coverage, Autel scanners are indispensable tools in modern vehicle maintenance work. To maintain the functionality of your vehicle scanner, you need to renew your subscription after the subscription period ends to ensure that your scanner has the latest features and performance.

Most Autel diagnostic scanners have one year of free software updates, and some have two years of free software updates. Among Autel diagnostic tools of the same type, it is more cost-effective to buy a 2-year updated version of the scanner.

After the renewal subscription expires, you can continue to use the original software and use the tool normally. However, in order to include the latest features and vehicle coverage, we recommend that you purchase a new update subscription.

Autel Diagnostic Scanner Tool Two-Year Update


【2-Year Free Update】

1-Year Free Update

Software Update

MP808BT Pro

autel mp808bt pro
$649 / $229

Elite II Pro

Autel Elite II Pro
$2039 / $859


Autel MX808S
$399 (US Version) $369 $112

IM608S II Full Kit

Autel IM608S II Full Kit
$3199 / $805

Ultra Lite S

Autel Ultra Lite S
$2859 / $999

MP808S Kit

Autel MP808S Kit
$639 / $290


Autel IM508S
$1194 / $299


Autel MP808BT Pro Kit
$669 / $229

Please note: Prices for scanner tools and software updates may change over time, please refer to the prices in the link.


Scanners with two years of updates do I only need to subscribe once?

The first time you provide your serial number and activate, you get one year of software updates, and three days later, one year will be automatically added.

Expiration date for scanners with two-year updates?

Add two years to the date you first provided your serial number and activated. For example, when you provide the serial number and activate on 2024.1.10, the expiration time is 2026.1.9.

Can I subscribe monthly?

Sorry, Autel scanners do not support monthly subscription software updates currently.

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