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Why Do You Need To Own An Autel MX900 OBDII Scanner?

The powerful OBD2 scanner has become one of the essential tools in the trunk of modern car owners. OBD-II scanners are suitable for vehicles from 1996 onwards, and if you need a scanner tool, then I will introduce the Autel MaxiCheck MX900 OBDII Scanner here.

Autel MaxiCheck MX900 OBDII Scanner

In 2024, Autel launched MaxiCheck MX900 as a new version of MaxiCOM MK808, MX808, MK808Z and MK808BT. MaxiCheck MX900 is designed to cover a wider range of vehicles and capabilities, with updated hardware. As a result, it has become the most cost-effective bidirectional scanning tool in the Autel range.

MaxiCheck MX900 is a tablet with 8-inch touchscreen LED display, Android 11.0 operating system, 8 MP rear camera, ROCKCHIP RK3566 CPU, 4G RAM and 64G ROM, 5x faster, lightweight and convenient.

Top reasons to choose MaxiCheck MX900

OE-Grade All System Diagnostics: The Autel MaxiCheck MX900 diagnostic flatbed scanner can access and scan all available electronic systems to read and clear codes, view live data streams, and retrieve ECU information.

Bi-directional control/active testing: Thanks to complete bi-directional control capabilities, the MX900 can do everything the Autel MX808 does. Autel MX900 bi-directional scanner controls various systems and components of the vehicle

40+ Service Features: Autel MaxiCheck MX900 car diagnostic tool also provides 40+ services including oil reset, EPB, SAS reset, DPF regeneration, throttle reset, ABS bleeding, battery registration, injector coding, WIN DR car Roof, cylinder, headlight, etc.

Enhanced Hardware: Autel MX900 comes with Android 11.0 OS, ROCKCHIP RK3566 CPU, 4G RAM and 64G ROM, 5x faster speed, 8-inch LCD capacitive touch screen and 8 MP rear camera.

Wide coverage: Extensive coverage of more than 80 automobile brands in the United States, Asia and Europe after 1996. Ford, Ford (EU), GM, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, BMW, etc.

Auto-VIN and Auto-Scan: The Autel MX900 diagnostic scan tool quickly retrieves VIN information for a specific vehicle and performs a comprehensive scan of all available systems for efficient, accurate diagnosis and service.

Rich features: Supports pre-scan and post-scan, DoIP and CAN FD protocols, and Wifi printing, which the MX800 does not support.

1-Year Warranty: Autel MX900 comes with a 1-year warranty and 1-year free software updates.

Autel MX900 Video

A more affordable option: Autel MaxiCheck MX808S

The Autel MX808 series and Autel MX900 series are flatbed scanners of the Autel MaxiCheck series, making them excellent tools or gifts for entry-level DIY enthusiasts.

Autel MX808S is equipped with a fast quad-core processor, integrates complete system diagnostics, active testing, 36+ special functions, 10000+ brand coverage, data logging and remote assistance, and the 7-inch screen provides good readability.

The Autel MX808S is priced at US$369, and the Autel MX900 is priced at US$505. If you are looking for a more affordable OBD2 tool, please consider the Autel handheld code reader.

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