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What Should I Do If The Oil Light Keeps Coming On?

The oil light on your car's dashboard is one of the most important warning lights you should never ignore. The car oil light warning light indicates that your car's engine may be in danger of serious damage, and you should repair the problem promptly and avoid driving on the road.

The role of engine oil in cars

Motor oil lubricates and cools your engine's moving parts and helps keep your engine running smoothly. Without enough oil, the engine's moving parts will begin to rub against each other, creating friction and heat. This can severely damage your engine or even cause complete engine failure. With this in mind, it is unsafe to drive with the oil light on.

What should I do if my car's oil light comes on?

If you notice an oil light on your dashboard, you should pull over immediately and turn off your car's engine. Next, we consider why the car's oil light comes on.

Insufficient oil: When the car is low on oil, the oil light will illuminate. At this time, you need to refuel in time to ensure that there is enough oil in the tank.

Clogged oil lines: A clogged oil line in your car may also cause the oil light to stay on. At this time, it is necessary to clean the oil line or replace the cleaning agent to remove impurities and blockages in the oil line.

Oil pump failure: When the oil pump fails, it can also cause the oil light to stay on. At this time, you need to check whether the oil pump is working properly and replace faulty parts in time.

Low oil pressure: When your car's oil pressure is low, it can also cause the oil light to stay on. At this time, you need to check whether the oil line is leaking or whether the oil pressure is normal.

When adding oil doesn't fix the problem, you'll need to further inspect your car's engine oil system to diagnose and repair any issues.

Check Car Engine Light Scanner

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Note that the Autel scanner tool can reset the oil lamp fault code, but you must fix the problem with your car based on what the fault code shows, otherwise, it will appear again on the next startup!

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